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Information relating on how to advertise on any community hosted by Local Bikers®.

Local Bikers® has a combined community of around 2,250 registered users, receiving around 11.5 million hits per year (approx 11,593,339 in 2012). Our audience consists of both male and female motorcyclists spanning from learners at the age of 16 to experienced riders around the age of 65.

Detailed Information

We run both 468x60px and 728x90px banners that are shown at random in the header and footer of each community's page.

Advertising campaigns are based on a monthly basis, bulk advertising on multiple communities will entitle you to discount (contact us for more information). The minimum purchase is one community per month. We accept Paypal & cheques.

For an advertising plan that suits your price range, please contact us or see below.

Pricing Information

Below are our current pricing plans:

Derby Bikers • 9,249 visitors per year - £5 per month
Hull & Yorkshire Bikers • 52,652 visitors per year - £7 per month
Nottingham Bikers • 41,993 visitors per year - £5 per month
Sheffield & Yorkshire Bikers • 86,071 visitors per year - £8 per month

The above statistics are based on unique visitors for the previous calendar year.

Ready to Advertise?

If you're ready to begin advertising with us, please email us with the following details:

• A copy of your advertisement image/banner (dimensions precisely 468x60px and 728x90px, no adult content).
• A return website address or link to where your advertisement will be pointed towards.
• A description of your website, to be displayed when hovering over the banner.
• A list of which relevant communities outlined above that you wish to advertise on (one minimum).
• How long you wish to advertise on the chosen communities for.

Once we receive this information, we will review the request and aim to contact you within 24 hours with payment methods & any other required details.