Local Bikers
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The background details behind the whole website & its individual interactive communities.

Local Bikers® is a dedicated resource for bikers wishing to socialise with fellow bikers local to themselves. Local Bikers® itself is a national website created to publicise smaller regional communities. No other website specifically caters for individual counties like Local Bikers® does.

The whole website is a "non-profit organisation" dependant on thriving forums generating revenue from advert views & clicks. Aside from this, very little amount of funding is raised from the sale of website merchandise. There are no other means of funding. The website team's contributions are completely voluntary, socialising with like-minded individuals with interests in the same hobby.

Local Bikers® was founded in 2007 after the creation of "Hull Bikers" in 2003. This was later named "Hull & Yorkshire Bikers" as bikers from all over Yorkshire joined. Following on from this first website later came "Sheffield & Yorkshire Bikers" in 2005. Thirdly was "Nottingham Bikers" in early 2006, and then "Manchester Bikers" (no longer exists) later on in 2006. Subsequently from this, Local Bikers® was born. The concept behind Local Bikers® was to network all communities, making regional biking groups more accessible and easier to find. As requested, Derby Bikers appeared later on in 2011.

Every local community is usually based around a city, which allows a focal point for surrounding areas to relate to. This enables users from that region to congregate. All communities are based on the free opensource discussion forum provided by phpBB.com and adjusted to suit the communities needs. A forum creates a great foundation for users to interact on. All communities are simply that, there are no 'clubs' or 'members' within any of the Local Bikers® communities.

Whether you wish you make new friends or simply keep in touch with past friends, Local Bikers® is an ideal place to achieve this.

Although a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring this website and each community display appropriately in all browsers, some slight differences may occur. So far, the website has been assumed to work correctly in the majority of browsers. Please notifiy us of any problems via the Contact Us area under 'Website Problems' providing as much information as possible.